Pest Control of Burbank provides termite control solutions to the Burbank area. Burbank is home to a number of diverse categories of termites. Each different kind of Burbank termite poses a different type of danger to property, depending on the type of wood it feeds on or where they have congregated. Every kind of termite will attack your property in a unique fashion. The type of termite will determine our extermination treatment. You should call our Burbank termite control professionals today if you believe you have a termite issue in your home or business.

burbank termite control

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Termite Exterminators in Burbank

The main types of termites in Burbank are:

  • Drywood Termites
  • Formosan Termites
  • Subterranean Termites

The main types of Burbank termites are subterranean termites, formosan termites, and drywood termites. We will determine which type of termites are in your house when our Burbank termite control professionals visit your house.

Detect Termites in Your House

Often times people first discover they have termites when they notice the termite feces. Burbank termite feces is normally in the shape of thin, tiny strips or lines. If you discover this kind of fecal matter in your kitchen then you should contact us right away. People also often discover they have termites from the tunnels built by the Burbank termites.

If you locate sawdust near your wooden structure or if you see mud tubes then you should call our Burbank termite control professionals now. If you suspect termites in your home or business for any reason, you should call a Burbank termite professional immediately to limit costly repairs. The more you delay, the more expensive it will be to repair the damage. Proper Burbank termite extermination is best left to the professionals. There are some simple pest problems that can be treated by yourself at home, but termites are not one of them. Contact one of our Burbank termite exterminators as soon as possible at (818) 877-4595 to exterminate your termite problem.